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Premium Shuttlecocks Made To Play

Amifit Steller Badminton Feather Shuttlecocks

Steller badminton shuttlecocks are made with premium hen feathers. With strict quality control of raw materials and finished products. We're always trying our best to bring you a nice shuttlecock. Steller badminton shuttlecocks have a sturdy structure. Can stand powerful shocks and survive in more games. Just smash and have fun now. You will feel the great charm of badminton with Steller shuttlecocks.

White Feather Shuttlecocks

Premium Feather Shuttlecocks

Pack of 10

Each Steller badminton shuttlecock has passed the rotation test. Every shuttlecock flies not too fast nor too slow. Standard speed and balanced flight would let you hold the accuracy of placement easily and win the game.

Features :

  • Superfine white round feather shuttlecocks
  • Strong EVA based cork
  • Good quality adhesive to keep the feathers bound together
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Made in India


High Performance


Wide Application

Durability & stability

Steller shuttlecocks are made of high quality premium material and sturdy structure provide a continuously bounce and make the shuttlecock more durable to play increasing the frequency of use and reducing wear and offer a consistent bounce and a steady flight path.

High performance cork

The cork of these shuttlecocks were made of high quality EVA foam which offer a fast volleys and assures flight consistency, high quality cork is lightweight and make shuttlecocks easy to control.

Multi purpose

Steller shuttlecocks are suitable for entertainments, training and exercise fitness, especially for children, trainers, amateurs, beginners and family play, it is the good choice for daily sports.

Wide application

Perfect choice for amateurs, beginner or intermediate players when exercising, training or entertaining.

  • Superfine white round feather shuttlecocks with excellent flight and balance
  • Strong EVA based cork for better hitting and long lasting performance
  • Good quality adhesive to keep the feather and thread intact for a durable performance
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Made in India
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