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Ingenuity Design 3 in 1 multi-charging cable have 3 different charging connectors, 1 cable can meet your daily devices charging needs when you are going a long trip, in the office, in the car or at home, which makes your life more convenient, intelligent, and fashionable.

Warm tips:

When you charge 3 mobiles at the same time, we suggest you use the charging adapter output current above 2A;

when you charge 2 mobiles and 1 iPad at the same time, please use the charging adapter output current above 2.4A.

-Name: Three-in-one metal nylon data cable

-Interface: IPhone+Micro USB+Type-c

-Material: aluminum alloy, nylon thread, copper core

-Specifications: 1.2 meters

-Product Features: Speed Charge

-Overcurrent: 2A

 -Available colors: rose gold, local gold, silver grey, black, silver white, fluorescent green

-Product weight: 0.06kg -Product Line Core: International Copper (Pure Copper Core)

-Product packaging: bare outfit -Product features: Super compatibility, support for different brands of equipment, matching the market so smart phones and tablets, etc., bold pure copper core conductor, support 3 different devices at the same time charging, Apple, Android Micro USB and Type-c all interface devices Only supports the charging function, high-strength nylon wire is more durable.


very nice quality product.

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