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A technologically advanced car charger in its category, the Tessco BC-205 4.4A Multi USB Travel Charger (Four Port USB) 4A is a device which allows charging of more than one gadget in a single time. With an output capacity of 4 Amp gets rid of sibling fights for the charger on long trips and a solution to keep your kids engaged.Also eliminate the need of remembering to bring everybody’s charger along on the trip as the Tessco BC-205 4.4A Multi USB Travel Charger (Four Port USB) 4A is compatible with Imagine the luxury of charging your smart phone and your PSP simultaneously when on a long trip. The Tessco BC-205 USB Charger (Four Port USB) 4A has the charging capacity of 4Amp which will charge both the gadgets attached to it in no time. With an elegant and good looking design, this device has compatibility with almost all the innovation device’s technology has to offer, ranging from android devices and iPhones to various Digi cams and game pads and Bluetooth devices.

Model BC-205
Item model number BC-205
Compatible Devices Apple, Samsung
Additional Features Multi USB travel charger (Four Port USB), 4.4A auto-ID rapid charge USB charger, Can charge 4 devices at a time, Highly efficient for holiday trips and office use, Protects the device being charged from a sudden surge in the temperature by controlling it.
Batteries Included No
Number of Ports 4


good quality product.



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